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Codes des maitres.pdf
legal definitions and laws regarding domestic servants in France

Colonial servant-galism.jpg
A woman seated at a table interviews a woman, who is standing, for a position as a servant.

Painting of a lady's maid combing her lady's hair. Lady's maids were expected to know how to dress their mistresses' hair in the latest fashions as part of their daily work.

Domestic Servant, ca. 1900.jpg
Unidentified woman standing, wearing apron and cap of a parlourmaid, on table to her left is tea cup and pot.

Dora Agnes Sanderson, domestic servant.jpg
photo of domestic servant who was arrested for stealing jewelry and clothing

Duty to Domestic  Help.pdf
An editorial from the Chicago Daily Tribune urging employers to provide fair treatment and conditions to domestic servants proposing that if servants are treated better more people would choose this job.

A novel relating the story of a poor girl who becomes a kitchen maid. She is seduced by a son of her employer.

Agnes Bruxner, a governess, tutors Miss Gouley who's reading a book

Painting of a governess with two of her young charges, i.e. the two girls she cares for

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