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A novel about a footman

Agnes Bruxner, a governess, tutors Miss Gouley who's reading a book

Dora Agnes Sanderson, domestic servant.jpg
photo of domestic servant who was arrested for stealing jewelry and clothing

maid by Glackens for Puck.jpg
Maid with mop, broom, soap, brush, bucket, etc.

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Buttering her Heels.jpg
A dialog between a mistress and a kitchen maid where the maid misunderstands her mistress' pronunciation of "eels" for "heels"

A guidebook on how to serve at table, clean boots, address employers and their guests. All the aspects of the position of Footman

A cook book with recipes and directions for making soap

Information on household utensils, laundry

Duty to Domestic  Help.pdf
An editorial from the Chicago Daily Tribune urging employers to provide fair treatment and conditions to domestic servants proposing that if servants are treated better more people would choose this job.
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